E3: Impressions

I didn’t actually go to E3; I instead enjoyed it through gametrailers.com and word-of-mouth around the office. Arguably the best E3 since the reform, there was plenty of competition between the three consoles. After the jump, a quick summary of what I liked and disliked:

Dead Space: A survival horror game with some neat combat mechanics, this game caught my eye since it was first announced and the influx of vids and gameplay walkthrough have left me drooling. With Resident Evil becoming action-oriented, it’s good to have another game ready to offer a scary fix

Mirror’s Edge: It’s great to see a giant like EA taking some risks with new IPs! While I did like the teaser trailer earlier this year, some of the new footage hasn’t been that impressive. While the free running continues to look interesting, the combat seems kinda weak so far. I almost want to see this title without any real combat or very minimal combat (a la Portal), to add to the zen like feeling of flowing through some beautiful skylines.

Resident Evil 5: Continues to look badass. Hopefully they make some changes to the controls from the previous incarnation. Some interviews stated that they’re experimenting with other approaches for the controls (though for E3 the classic setup remained).

Too Human: the demo made it’s way to Live last week so I gave it a whirl. An hour into the game, the silly story (with a Norse theme), and the awkard, unsatisfying combat turned me off. The graphics were nice though.

I’m happy to see Netlfix coming to Xbox, and I can’t wait to have “Play it Now” on my TV instead of a tiny monitor. The new Tomb Raider looks solid, though the darker theme brings back bad memories of previous titles. Prince of Persia was another trailer that disappointed me: I’m not a fan of the new direction and the “tag-team” elements look silly. Left 4 Dead looks like it’ll be a fun one, I’m keeping my eye on it too.

Looks like the close race between the consoles is generating some of the best content I’ve seen in a while. Last year was a good year to be a gamer, and it looks like my wallet is going to lose some weight again this year as well.

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