Sunset Run

Been quite busy these past few weeks, but I did manage to make it to this casual run last week. The Sunset Run is a 5 mile fun run sponsored by Nike and Fleet Feet Sports. The run started at Fort Mason, ran to Golden Gate Bridge, and back again to the start.

Despite it not being a race, I was plenty nervous leading up to the run. 5 miles is the longest I’ve run since my surgery in March, and I wasn’t totally sure how I’d hold up. I started off tense and ready for the worst and about two miles in; when I was able to see the bridge through the fog, I was finally able to relax and enjoy the run. When I reached the halfway point, not only was my body not begging for a walking break, instead I felt stronger and ready to go faster. At finish line was plenty of free snacks and smoothies from Jamba Juice, we all got t-shirts for participating as well.

I made it the whole run without stopping, it’s not the biggest feat in the world, but it’s a personal victory after all the rehab and gait retraining. There’s another Sunset Run in September that I plan to participate in as well.

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