Dead to Rights Retribution Trailer

Been hiding for a few months, but I’m starting to roll out some new stuff. Check out this trailer for the upcoming Dead to Rights: Retribution. It features a few characters I helped skin for Volatile, notably the female in the diner and some of the baddies that get their arses handed to them. I wish I got to help out with the dog, Shadow. The game is looking really awesome and looks like people are getting excited!

The project used Maya for rigging and animation and you can glimpse of Volatile’s pipeline in this next video at around the halfway point. This was one of the first projects where I was provided sample Mocap animations to test skinning deformations. Using the mocap, I was able find skinning and texture issues without bothering any animators for a test run. It’s the next best thing other than previewing an asset in-game for seeing how well it deforms.

Look for this game late April!

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