Rigging for Education: Caroline and Henry

I continued my work in developing more character rigs for Cogswell, and after working on a couple of simpler bipeds that were styled more along the lines of popular online characters we went into designing the next set of bipeds with a higher-level design geared towards detailed acting and subtlety in motions. Caroline is the first rig we developed with this mindset. Continue reading

Rigging for Education: Dragon

If you like to check out the dragon rig, it’s now available on Cogswell’s website here. This is continuation from the project I started on last summer with making rigs for the animation classes at Cogswell College. After finishing up the Jaguar, I shifted my work onto the dragon named Cogswell (to loosely tie the character … Continue reading

Rigging for Education: Jaguar

I spent a bit of this Summer creating some rigs for Cogswell for use of their animation classes. The first one I worked on is this Jaguar, which was a good oppurtunity to try some approaches I recently came across. For the hind legs, I used a ikSpringSolver, similar to Morgan Loomis’ setup. For the … Continue reading


Selected works on my blog. Click headers for related blog posts of each piece Rigging Demo Reel    Tools Demo Reel Zombie Playground Asset Pipeline, Tools, Rigs into Unity Mothhead Asset Pipeline, Tools, Rigs into Unity Project Avatarah: Rigging for Education Rigs, Supervision Driven Facial Rigs, Skinning, Supervision Kinect Disneyland Adventures Rigs, Some Supervision James Bond 007: Blood Stone Skinning, clothing … Continue reading