About Me

Contact me at sergio.sykes[at]gmail[dot]com

I’m a Character-Focused Technical Artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. During my early years there, I was the lead the rigging and character setup gigs that trickle our way. As the studio started to shift focus to indie game in Unity, I’ve shifted my skillset to more of a Technical Artist. Now in addition to rigging, I take manage the pipeline development and design tools to help streamline the studios workflow. I’m mostly a Maya guy, and Python is currently my scripting language of choice. However, I’m continuing to branch out, and dabbling more into C# (Unity) and JavaScript (Photoshop), as I strive to make the lives easier for both our 3d and 2d artists.

I grew up in the inner city of Baltimore, MD. I went to a local community college briefly before moving out to San Francisco to attend The Art Institute of California – San Francisco. I studied programming at first, but once I discovered the field of character setup, it was love at first sight. After taking a couple of introductory courses, I spent the rest of my free time studying the tools and masters of the trade. I enjoy the variety of challenges the role brings, and find my day-to-day never becomes mundane.

I can’t necessarily say I was born to do rigging, or do code; but I loved gaming since day one!


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