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Game Informer Cover

Game Informer Cover

Just got word that Game Informer is releasing this cover. 2K Marin hired us at Massive Black this past Janurary to create a setup a high-res verision of their in-game model of the Big and Little Sister. They supplied us with the original rig and assets. After collabaorating with our Shanghai branch to ensure the high res model was built similar to the game-res 2K sent us, I had transfer the high res model onto the game-res rig and skin it. One very neat thing about 3ds Max is it’s ability to make a wrap deformer and “bake” it into a skin for faster manipulation. After the bake, I simply edit any weights and polish the deformations.

Afterwards, I handed it off to our Animator, Chris Hatala, to pose and render the image who passed it to Jason Chan, to paint over the render in Photoshop.

Tips & Tricks: More memory for 3ds Max

here’s a bitmap error that comes up in 3ds Max when using exceedingly large texture files or fairly long image sequences in the scene. The error usually brings up this window:

I ran into this error recently with a rig that’s using more memory than 3ds Max’s current threshold. I did some poking around the Autodesk forums and came across a solution that seemed to work. Continue reading

Tips & Tricks: Animated Texture in 3ds Max

3ds Max is relatively new to me and I’m very much used to the way maya does a lot of things. To get an animated texture to work in Maya, you simply make a material and assign an image sequence or movie to it. Max also does this but there is a snag.

When importing an animated texture in either package, the default is to sync the texture’s animation with the scene’s time slider. For the particular project I’m working on, I need to to have the frames of the  texture controlled by a control in the rig so the animator can play with it (the texture in this case being the pupil of a cartoon eye). Max’s bitmap has no way of reconnecting the active frame of the texture. There was once a plug-in to achieve this feature, but it’s not compatible with 2008. Running out of time, I came up with a ghetto solution that still does the trick.

Continue reading

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne Box Art

Box Art

Date Complete: October 2006

Client: Iron Lore Entertainment
Modeling: Barringer Fox III Wingard
Texturing: Jessica Hook

Copyright © IronLore Entertainment

This rig I did for Iron Lore around October of 2006 and was one of my first professional projects coming out of school. Since the character was only being used for still images, I kept the rig full FK skeleton and I focused the bulk of my time on skinning this rather high-res model. The armor is attached through a combination of wrap deformers and constraints where appropriate. Upon completion, the assets were given to Iron Lore, who posed and rendered the models for their ads, website, and game cover.

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

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